Counselor's Corner: The purpose of now


Fred Cavaiani

What makes the present moment meaningful? We all desire happiness. Each moment someone is born and someone dies. What happens between birth and death is all up to us. What is the purpose of our life?

Often after being in a gathering with family or friends, I will ask myself what is meaningful right now? The conversations are over. What will happen now?

Then there are times when I will watch the news and find myself feeling so frustrated and helpless about what is going on politically. I will notice the many people in the world who might be starving or in “clear and present danger.” I will hear and read about mass shootings, wars and insurrections. I will see on television very little compassion being expressed from our political “leaders” for those less fortunate. I will hear general and inaccurate statements being expressed over and over again.

More and more I come to realize that there is little perfection and little genuine compassion in politics.

I also come to realize that those who might be acknowledged as leaders in politics and religion have clay feet and so often disappoint me. It is really the story of every century.

People will often disappoint us. There is no perfect government and no perfect religion. Leaders will almost always fall short of everyone’s expectations.

The human situation will always be flawed. Family and friends can disappoint us. We disappoint ourselves. Life will never be perfect.

So, what is the purpose of NOW. How can I find profound meaning and peace in the NOW of life?

When the noise of life gets quiet what happens to me?

I am beginning to realize for myself that the vastness of the universe is but a reflection and a manifestation of a profound power that is always loving and always with each of us at every moment of life. The vast energy of life must come from somewhere. To treat this powerful energy as if it doesn’t exist is like a child trying to pretend that their “‘make believe” is real.

Life comes from God who is always loving and caring. Everything and everyone I see has a goodness and energy of a divine power within it. It makes no difference as to what religion I may profess. This powerful, loving God is above it all and within it all. How do I come to realize this? I realize this by looking around me with an attitude of quiet reflection. The more time I spend in reflection the more I will experience a loving, caring God.

I am realizing that life involves always immersing myself deeper into the present moment. It is in this moment that I will have an experience of the divine and find peace.

There are no empty moments in life. Each morning I spend an abundance of quiet time in meditation. It is like our little dog realizes this also as she sits on the top of another chair and just lays there until I am finished with my quiet time.
This quiet time each morning brings me into an awareness of God that helps me to quiet judging and condemning and worrying. It helps me to see goodness in everything and everyone. Every positive aspect of religion and psychology becomes more real. Every negative and unloving aspect of religion and psychology seems to just disappear. The desire to condemn others or send them to a faraway hell while proclaiming there is a just God makes no sense. The goodness of a loving God who is always there for everyone at every moment and forever makes clear sense to me. My soul becomes quiet in the silence and a loving, caring God becomes powerfully real. I realize that this peace and joy is to last forever and the purpose of my life is to allow myself be immersed in this at this present moment. From this immersion I am able to bring more love and compassion into the world. In this effort I begin to experience joy. Each moment of life becomes a new and energizing experience. I get a glimpse and experience an eternity of joy and love.