Duly Noted

Gruel Mills, Nims and Pylman Super Lawyers

The law firm of Gruel, Mills, Nims & Pylman LLP announces the selection of its attorneys as 2011 Michigan Super Lawyers within the following practice areas: William F. Mills, Plaintiff Personal Injury (Mills is elected to the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, and was also awarded the 2010 Grand Rapids Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year); Thomas R. Behm:  Plaintiff Personal Injury; J. Paul Janes:  Plaintiff Personal Injury; Scott R. Melton:  Plaintiff Personal Injury; Norman H. Pylman: Plaintiff Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice
Super Lawyers selects attorneys using a multiphase process in which candidates are nominated by peers and then evaluated by research staff at Super Lawyers, then grouped by practice area and evaluated by peers within their practice areas. Only 5% of the lawyers in Michigan have been named to Michigan Super Lawyers.

61 Warner Norcross attorneys deemed Super Lawyers

 Sixty-one attorneys from Warner Norcross & Judd LLP have been named Super Lawyers in the sixth annual Michigan Super Lawyers Magazine.

Warner Norcross has more attorneys named to Michigan Super Lawyers than any law firm in Grand Rapids.

Of these, three have been designated top Super Lawyers: Sue O. Conway and Mary Jo Larson among the Top 50 Women Michigan Super Lawyers, and  Douglas E. Dozeman as one of the Top 100 Michigan Super Lawyers.

Warner Norcross attorneys on the Michigan Super Lawyers list are: Loren Andruli; Charles N. Ash, Jr.; Edward J. Bardelli; Jeffrey S. Battershall; Jeffrey W. Bracken; Michael G. Brady; James H. Breay; John V. Byl; Matthew K. Casey; Robert J. Chovanec; Melissa N. Collar; Sue O. Conway; J. A. Cragwall, Jr.; Michael G. Cruse; Alex J. DeYonker ; Douglas A. Dozeman; Carl W. Dufendach; John D. Dunn; Homayune A. Ghaussi; Peter L. Gustafson; William W. Hall; Kathleen M. Hanenburg; Shane B. Hansen; Mark K. Harder; William K. Holmes ; Scott D. Hubbard; William R. Jansen; Richard A. Kay; Janet P. Knaus; Steven C. Kohl; Anthony J. Kolenic, Jr.; Norbert F. Kugele; Mary Jo Larson; Gordon R. Lewis; Rodrick W. Lewis; Hugh H. Makens; John H. Martin; Charles E. McCallum ; John H. McKendry, Jr.; Craig N. Meurlin; Susan G. Meyers; Melvin G. Moseley, Jr.; Linda Paullin-Hebden; Jeffrey B. Power ; James J. Rabaut; Louis C. Rabaut; Richard A. Roane; Michael L. Robinson; Alan T. Rogalski; Vernon P. Saper; Rovert H. Skilton III; Eugene E. Smary; Fredric A. Smith; Jerome M.  Smith; Paul T. Sorensen; Gordon J. Toering; W. Michael VanHaren; Douglas E. Wagner; Stephen C. Waterbury; George L. Whitfield; and Lisa B. Zimmer.