Gerald Ford Foundation holds auction to raise funds for new museum wing

Earlier this week, an online and live auction offered 51 of Gerald and Betty Ford’s family keepsakes to raise funds for construction of a new wing at the Gerald R. Ford Museum.

Items up for bid included an 8 x 10 signed, color copy of Presidents George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon; the 5’ x 9.5’ nylon flag that flew over the White House on the last day of President Gerald Ford’s Presidency; and President Ford’s personal golf clubs.

“The family is excited to donate these personal keepsakes for auction,” said Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation Chair, Steve Ford. “As the community comes forward to support our initiative, we decided to offer these historical pieces as a way to raise awareness and funds for the construction of a Student Learning Center at the Presidential Museum.”

More information is available at the Foundation’s website,

The website states,  “Gerald and Betty Ford lived their lives with unwavering integrity. Their values – and their willingness to stand for and behind those values – should not only be learned, but also be emulated. With this unique opportunity, we will inspire future generations to live with the character and honor of the Fords.

“Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation is seeking your support for a multimillion dollar redesign of the 30-year-old Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Led by renowned designers Gallagher and Associates, this exciting plan would increase the building by 10,500 square feed, adding a two-story addition with space for a new Student Learning Center, meetings, and exhibits. State-of-the-art technology and improvements would be incorporated throughout the Museum, allowing us to exhibit more artifacts and engage in a deeper conversation about the history of the President, Mrs. Ford, and their impact on our nation during extraordinary times.”

Planned renovations will enhance the current exhibits and add features to raise the national awareness of the Museum. A theater-in-the-round will be a 360-degree learning opportunity, showcasing the presidency and honoring Betty Fora nd her work. The new additions will enable future generations to learn about the Fords’ remarkable lives.A two-story wing housing the new Student Learning Center will be added to the existing museum.

The brochure, found at the website, quotes President Ford as saying, “...this Museum is not a monument to any one man or any one presidency. Rather, it is a classroom of American democracy.”
Individuals or businesses interested in donating to the Campaign for the Legacy of Gerald R. Ford can do so by contacting the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation at 616-252-0396 or by visiting the website as indicated above.