Cooley holds gun rights debate


Left to right: Linda K. Brundage, William Wagner, David Hardy, Craig R. Whitney, Steve Dulan, and M. Carol Bambery 

Inspired by recent gun-related tragedies, Thomas M. Cooley Law School held its Law Review Symposium Oct. 24 on “World Views Collide: A Panel of Experts Debate on Guns in America,” at the Cooley Temple Conference Center on the school’s Lansing campus. The event featured discussions on two of the most contentious and deep-rooted debates of today: gun control and Second Amendment rights. Cooley's Law Review brought in distinguished panelists from around the country, representing a broad spectrum of ideas: Carol Bambery, National Rifle Association (NRA) Board Member/

General Counsel, IAFWA; Steve Dulan, Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners; David Hardy, Attorney/Former Assistant General Counsel, NRAl; Linda Brundage, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America; Craig Whitney, Author of Living with Guns; and Michigan State Representative Jim Townsend.
The discussion, moderated by Cooley Law School Professor William Wagner, addressed three specific areas in the realm of gun control and Second Amendment rights:state and federal bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines; background checks and mental health care system in the U.S.; concealed handguns and increased security in schools and public places.
"American citizens and the United States Supreme Court are deeply divided on the issue of gun control and scope of the Second Amendment right to bear arms," said Cooley Law School Professor William Wagner. "It is a question that every citizen is passionate about in his or her own way. At this year's Law Review Symposium, we hope to have a fair and balanced discussion where each viewpoint is debated and every voice is heard in an attempt to better understand each side of the issue."
Following the discussion, audience members will have the opportunity to ask the panel questions surrounding the debate. Individuals can contact with any questions regarding the Law Review symposium.
 Not pictured Rep. Jim Townsend.