Florida Cops: Teen told friend he would kill parents Friend was shown the bodies of teen's parents in bedroom during a party

By Matt Sedensky Associated Press WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- A Florida teenager didn't believe his best friend when he said he was going to kill his parents. He had heard the threats before. None of it seemed real, the friend told police, until Tyler Hadley, 17, led him to the master bedroom to see the unthinkable: The bloody, lifeless bodies of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley, dead on the floor. The account of the unidentified friend, who ultimately tipped off police, is contained in an affidavit released by authorities Wednesday, in which the killings are described in horrific detail. Hadley is charged with murder and being held without bond. His public defender entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf Wednesday. Police say Hadley posted word on Facebook before the killings Saturday that he was having a party that night, and as many as 60 people eventually showed up. Questioned by police, the friend, who has been identified only as "MM," said Hadley told him he stood behind his mother for about five minutes Saturday as she sat at a computer. He contemplated her killing before finally plunging into her head with a hammer, according to the police documents. Screaming, the mother mustered one final question to her son, according to the friend's account: "Why?" Hadley's father came to the room, locking eyes with the attacker for a moment before the teen began hitting him with the hammer, according to the friend. He told his friend he planned to commit suicide by taking painkillers when police ultimately arrived, according to the report. Published: Fri, Jul 22, 2011