New ABA book discusses how law firms can deliver high-value service to clients

The American Bar Association’s  book, “The Value-Able Law Firm: Delivering Client-Focused, Higher-Value Legal Service for Clients and Law Firms,” provides lawyers a new approach to analyzing and discussing, both internally and with clients, the issues related to defining, measuring and implementing higher-value legal service. Chapters are based on the concept of value-related qualities (VRQs) law firms can use to re-orient their service so the client’s interest and goals serve as lodestars of service and effort.

The book begins with the basics, recognizing that value represents the relationship between the “cost” of something and the “benefit” one realizes because of it.

To help lawyers satisfy their clients’ demands and meet expectations, this essential resource delivers an approach that is simple, practical and consistent, addressing:

• The definition, deliverance and measurement of value;

• Incorporation value-related qualities (VRQs);

• The client’s view on value delivery;

• How a law firm provides value and becomes a client-centric firm;

• The establishment of a productive, value-able relationship for both client and firm.

The book, co-authored by  Steven Lauer and Kenneth L. Vermilion, discusses how lawyers can set up their firm to succeed in the increasingly competitive environment for corporate representation.