Get to Know: Julia Hlwya

Julie A. Hlywa is a family law and criminal defense attorney in Eastpointe in Macomb County. 

She graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and language in 1998 and from the
University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in 2001, where she was involved in Law Review, Moot Court, and served as class treasurer.

Hlywa has been a solo practitioner since July 2002.

She and her husband Brandon, and their Vizsla called Winnie, are residents of Grosse Pointe Farms.

By Jo Mathis
Legal News

How are you handling things during this shutdown? I am trying to keep a balance of some work, but really enjoying the time with my husband.

Have you learned anything about yourself during this time? I have learned how much I really miss social interaction. 

What is your proudest moment as a lawyer? I would have to say my very first jury trial acquittal.  You never forget that!

What was always written on your grade school report card? “A very good student, always contributes in class, and a pleasure to have in the classroom.”  I had my mom help me on this one!

What is your happiest childhood memory? Disney World and Daytona Beach with my family when I was in fourth grade.  I can remember so many wonderful moments of that trip. 

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? When I was called “inspiring.”

When you were considering law school, what was Plan B? I knew in fifth grade I wanted to be a lawyer and I truly did not stray from that goal.

What would surprise people about your job? Even though I practice family law and criminal defense, I absolutely love what I do. Can it be messy? Yes. Can it be contentious? Yes.  Stressful? Yes. But someone who is going through a divorce, custody battle, or criminal case is probably the most fragile they have ever been and I love that I am able to help provide guidance and give that person some peace of mind as they go through that difficult time. 

What do you wish someone would invent? A time machine!

When you look back into the past, what do you miss most? My grandparents and their stories.

What is your most treasured possession? My piano.

If you could have witnessed any event in history, what would it be? The American Revolution. It is such a rich piece of history about the fabric of our country, with fascinating leaders and the influences they had. 

What is the best advice you received? Be nice to everyone!

What question do you most often ask yourself? How did I get to be so lucky?

Who would you love to trade places with for a day? Paul McCartney.  Need I say more?

What’s the most awe-inspiring place you’ve been? Breckenridge, Colo. I was blown away at the beauty of it all and being able to snowboard on Peak 9 was not only breathtaking, but a bucket list item I finally got to check off. 

What is one thing you would like to learn? Play the drums!

What is something most people don’t know about you?  After the limousine crash that injured a couple of the Detroit Red Wings and team masseur in 1997, I wrote a song called, “Mend Our Broken Wings.” One of the local news channels wanted to  feature it in one of their stories, and record the song live from my home on their equipment. Unfortunately for me, I cannot sing and my friend that did was unable to get out of work to come over. So although I was close to my big break, it never happened.