Wayne Law teams compete in TYLA National Trial Competition Region 7

Photo courtesy of Wayne Law

Wayne Law students recently participated in the Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) National Trial Competition, a prestigious annual event co-sponsored by the American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL). The competition, aimed at providing law students with practical trial practice experience, saw teams from various law schools across the region vie for advancement to the national stage.
The regional competition, held at the Theodore Levin Federal Courthouse in downtown Detroit from February 8 to 10, 2024, featured two teams from Wayne Law: Team 1 comprised of Katie Prebelich and Hannah Berghol, and Team 2 consisting of Mallory Lucas, Jamison Harris, and Ephraim Clark. This year’s competition centered around a criminal problem involving the burglary and theft of a Vintage Clothing Store.

During the regional competition, each team participated in three trials, randomly assigned to either the Prosecution/Plaintiff or Defense side of the case. A panel of 2-3 judges, comprising sitting judges or volunteer attorneys, evaluated the teams’ performances. Teams with the highest scores advanced to the Semi-Final and Final rounds, with the top performers earning a spot in the National Competition held in Texas.

Despite facing stiff competition, Wayne Law’s teams showcased their legal acumen and advocacy skills. While the Wayne Law teams did not secure the top spot, their participation was commendable and a testament to their dedication and preparation.

The Wayne Law teams received invaluable support from their coaches, Brandon Barlog and Erika Julien, whose guidance and mentorship contributed to the teams’ performance.

Reflecting on their experience, the Wayne Law participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage in real-world trial advocacy and compete at a high level. The competition not only provided a platform for honing their legal skills but also fostered camaraderie and professional growth among participants.

As Wayne Law continues to nurture future legal practitioners, participation in prestigious competitions like the TYLA National Trial Competition underscores the school’s commitment to practical legal education and experiential learning.

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