MSU?Law Dean’s Speaker Series hosts administrative law and regulatory expert

Regulating AI was the subject of third Dean’s Speaker Series conversation on Artificial Intelligence, Law, and Society. Edward B. Shills Professor of Law Cary Coglianese and Interim Dean Michael Sant’Ambrogio delved into the transformative potential of law in shaping societal advancements, particularly in the context of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

Coglianese’s journey into the realm of regulation began during his formative years in high school. His early curiosity sparked questions about the role of law in effecting positive change, laying the foundation for his career in regulatory studies. Currently, he spearheads a program centered on regulation, complemented by a daily email newsletter that fosters non-partisan discourse, welcoming diverse perspectives.

As director of Penn Program on Regulation, Professor Coglianese is cautiously optimistic of Generative AI, saying that it has the ability to produce good, but if used in the wrong way or in the wrong hands, it could produce bad outcomes. Acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding the future trajectory of these technologies, he emphasized the pivotal role of responsible deployment. While generative AI holds immense promise, its rapid evolution necessitates a nuanced approach to mitigate potential risks. Coglianese highlighted the multifaceted applications of AI, particularly in medicine and transportation. From precise diagnostics to safer autonomous vehicles and resource optimization, AI presents myriad opportunities to revolutionize societal systems. However, he underscored the inherent challenges, including opaque systemic analyses and the perpetuation of biases embedded within data.

The conversation extended to the imperative for students to prepare for the AI-driven landscape. Coglianese emphasized the importance of honing individual skills, cautioning against overreliance on AI for academic tasks. Mastery of one’s craft, he asserted, remains paramount in navigating the evolving professional landscape.

Michigan State College of Law’s Dean’s Speakers Series provided a platform for insightful discourse on the intersection of law, technology, and societal progress. Cary Coglianese’s expertise illuminated the transformative potential of AI while emphasizing the imperative for responsible stewardship in its development and implementation. As students prepare to navigate the AI-driven future, the series underscored the importance of ethical engagement and continuous skill development in shaping a more equitable and sustainable society.

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