Summer Soiree


The American Arbitration Association along with the Alternative Dispute Resolution committees of the Oakland County Bar and Detroit Metropolitan Bar associations hosted a "Summer Soiree" Monday, June 28, at the American Arbitration Association offices in Southfield.

Among those enjoying the soiree were (left to right) Jan Holdinsky of the American Arbitration Association, Kevin Hendrick of Clark Hill PLC, Earlene Baggett-Hayes of The Law & Mediation Center PLLC, and the event¹s guest speaker Doug Van Epps, director, Office of Dispute Resolution, Supreme Court Administrator's Office.

"This is a way to bring the ADR community together to network," Holdinsky said of the event.  "It gives people who don¹t normally have an opportunity to get out and see everyone else out there a chance to do so."

Photo by John Meiu.