Constitution commemorated


The Oakland County Circuit Court commemorated the signing of the U.S. Constitution during a program Tuesday, Sept. 14, for hundreds of Oakland County students in the Board of Commissioners’ Auditorium.

“We are very excited and thrilled to have over three hundred high school and middle school students visiting the courthouse today for Patriot Week and Constitution Day activities,” said Warren. “They’re going to be immersed in the importance of the Constitution and our founding first principles.  I’m going to highlight the extreme importance of striving for equality in our history as well as today.”  The theme of this year’s program was “Equality and the Civil Rights Struggles.”

Students attended various presentations led by several members of the Oakland County bench.  The Constitution Day program was included as part of Patriot Week, Sept. 11-17, a grassroots effort, co-chaired by Judge Warren and his daughter Leah and passed by the Michigan State Senate, to renew the spirit of America by celebrating the founding First Principles, major historical figures, key American documents, and historical flags.  The dates of Sept.11 (the anniversary of the terrorist attacks) and Sept. 17 (anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution) frame the week. 

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