Legal Aid meeting on land contract scams rescheduled

Legal Aid and Defender Association (LAD) has rescheduled a free public meeting to warn and educate residents of Detroit and Wayne County about the dangers of purchasing homes on land contracts.

Originally scheduled for Aug. 27, the meeting is rescheduled to Saturday, Sept. 24, at Plymouth United Church of Christ, 600 E. Warren Ave., one block east of the Chrysler Expressway.

Currently, LAD is representing victims of what appears to be a major residential property scam in the city and the county. Out-of-state companies appear to be in the business of buying thousands of foreclosed homes for as little as a dollar each, then selling them to residents on land contracts for thousands of dollars without informing purchasers about past-due property taxes, utility bills or other liens on the homes that become the responsibility of the new owners.

LAD has filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court in such a case claiming damages of more than $25,000 and is preparing to file additional lawsuits on behalf of other purchasers of these land contracts.

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Published: Wed, Aug 24, 2011