Settlement awarded from lawsuit over freezing death

BAY CITY (AP) -- About $323,000 has been awarded to a hospital as part of a civil suit filed by the family of a 93-year-old Bay City man who froze to death after a power-limiting device was placed on his electricity meter because of unpaid bills.

The Bay City Times recently reported that Bay Regional Medical Center received the settlement money because Marvin Schur left everything to the facility in his will.

Schur's family had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bay City and Bay City Electric Light & Power.

Six of Schur's relatives were to receive about $6,000 each. The law firm representing the family was awarded about $187,000.

Neighbors discovered Schur's body in January 2009 in a winter jacket over four layers of clothing.

An autopsy showed he died of hypothermia.

Published: Wed, Aug 24, 2011