In "Job Quest for Lawyers," a new book published by the American Bar Association, author Sheila Nielsen reveals the advice and tips she's developed over her 20-year career as a legal job coach. Nielsen demystifies how employment is found in today's marketplace, shares how to network the right way at each stage of the search, and provides what to say--and what not to say--when looking for a job. This book will transform a potentially frustrating job search into a more fruitful one, and provides lawyers with a proven method to land the job they seek.

Nielsen is a leader in the field of career counseling for attorneys. She is both a social worker and an attorney. In 1990, Nielsen developed her own counseling and executive coaching business, Nielsen Consulting Service. For more than 20 years she has counseled and coached lawyers on career path issues, job search issues, alternative work-time options and career development.

Nielsen has written and spoken extensively about career issues for attorneys. Her articles have appeared in numerous trade journals for attorneys: Illinois Legal Times, Illinois State Bar Association Journal, Legal Times (Washington, D.C.), Detroit Legal News, Florida Bar Journal, and others.

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Published: Fri, Sep 9, 2011