Guardianship guidelines


 The Oakland County Bar Association’s (OCBA) Juvenile Law Committee presented “GAL Terminations from EPIC Guardianships” as part of its Fundamentals of Juvenile Law – Year brown bag lunch series on Thursday, Aug. 11, at the Oakland County Bar Center in Bloomfield Hills.

Among those taking part in the lecture were (left to right) Southfield attorney Abbie Shuman and Melinda Deel of Melinda N. Deel PLLC.

“The talk today is on terminating parents’ rights when a guardianship has been put into place—either a limited guardianship or a full guardianship—and explaining the various plans that can be put into place in a limited guardianship,” Shulman said.  

The program also offered tips for what a guardian ad litem might want to do to ensure that parents’ rights get terminated and some tips for attorneys appointed to parents to ensure that the parents’ rights don’t get terminated.

Photo by John Meiu