Deeds Express: Program helps to fight fraud, keep costs down


As of today, Oakland County residents and others involved in real estate transactions will no longer have to leave valuable documents at the Oakland County Register of Deeds Office, Clerk/Register of Deeds Bill Bullard Jr. announced Tuesday.

"We are implementing a new program called Deeds Express for those involved in real estate transactions--a completely automated Entry Book for anyone filing documents. This means valuable real estate documents will not have to be left with our clerks to be mailed back to you later," Bullard said. "The scan takes a few minutes, then you can take your irreplaceable papers with you."

Bullard also pointed out that the new program benefits all Oakland County taxpayers, not just those who have business with the office. "Besides the convenience, this will save thousands in postage and shipping costs."

The Deeds Express system also helps prevent one of the more common types of mortgage fraud, because the documents are immediately searchable once they are scanned.

"Scam artists who apply for multiple mortgages on the same property, schedule closings on the same day, and then try to collect more than one check from different lenders, will be in for a surprise," Bullard said.

Published: Thu, Jan 19, 2012