CYBERSPACE SIGHTING: Dykema launches CFPB regulatory scorecard

Dykema recently announced the release of its new regulatory scorecard on activities of the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB), on the firm's CFPB Law Blog The scorecard is a tool that may be used to monitor the proceedings and developments of the new agency. Through this scorecard, users can keep current on pending and final rules tracked by Dykema's financial services regulatory and compliance team. Dykema tracks and summarizes all proposed rules, and includes a status report with key dates to monitor. The scorecard provides up-to-date information on rulemaking and other initiatives under the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA).

The signature accomplishment of the Dodd-Frank Act was the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a new rulemaking authority on consumer financial protection laws from seven different federal agencies. Corporations that deal with consumers on anything involving a retail financial service or offers consumer services, products or advice could be subject to the rules, regulations and proceedings of this new Bureau.

Dykema's scorecard is maintained on Dykema's CFPB Law Blog (, a one-stop site for all entities affected by the Bureau's policies and actions, and who are looking for breaking CFPB news and analysis.

The site is managed by Dykema lawyers Don Lampe, Arthur Axelson, Richard Gottlieb, and Jeffrey Jamison, who will each serve as the blog's editorial board with contributions from other members of Dykema's Financial Industry Group as well as industry analysts from across the country.

Dykema's Financial Industry Group is comprised of attorneys in the areas of litigation, enforcement, regulatory, transactional and compliance. Concentrating on consumer financial services, investment management and insurance, attorneys in the group represent banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, debt purchasers, debt collection companies and auto finance companies and technology vendors.

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Published: Tue, Mar 6, 2012