Worthy says deal reached in suit with Wayne County

DETROIT (AP) -- Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has reached a settlement in a lawsuit she filed against the county over cuts to her office budget.

Worthy says the deal was reached Monday, but declined to release details pending approval by the county commission.

Worthy had asked for $34 million in her 2012-2013 budget. She filed the lawsuit after receiving $25.4 million.

The Detroit News reports that the settlement calls for Worthy's office to get $31 million.

Worthy has said 22 attorneys and three investigators lost their jobs because she didn't have money to continue paying them.

Some county district court judges were forced to allow some defendants in misdemeanor cases to walk and those facing tickets to leave without paying fines or fees because no prosecuting attorneys were in the courtrooms.

Published: Wed, May 1, 2013