New recruiting outsourcing service announced

In response to the need for companies to decrease the cost of acquiring talent and to take advantage of the supply/demand imbalance among attorneys in Michigan, Diversified Legal Staffing has announced a new attorney recruiting outsourcing service for law departments and law firms. Owner Mark Grobbel made the reent announcement after a successful trial period in the market.

This service should appeal to law departments and law firms of all sizes, but especially to small law departments and firms with lean HR support that do not have the time and resources to conduct 1st and 2nd round evaluations.

"Our goal is to deal with the initial large pool and get the client to the final evaluation stage with minimal time and effort on their part," Grobbel said. "That way they can focus on the final steps of the selection process and really get a good feel for the candidates, resulting in an optimum choice."

The process will take advantage of 1) the far reaching impact of d. Diversified Services in the marketplace; 2) the latest social networking offerings; and, most importantly, 3) the client's own branding. This dynamic will attract a very strong group of prospective candidates. Grobbel will then use his more than 18 years of legal staffing experience to conduct a thorough vetting process resulting in the final candidate pool for client assessment. Fees for this service will be approximately 75% less than the fee for a direct hire recruiting engagement.

"Legal recruiting has changed. This is structural, not cyclical. We have to adapt," Grobbel added.

Diversified Legal Staffing, LLC is an affiliate of d. Diversified Services (dDS). For more than 30 years dDS has provided staffing solutions in the areas of Design, Engineering, IT, Light Industrial, Office/Admin and other Technical disciplines.

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Published: Wed, Sep 4, 2013