Sentencing in case of body left at Port Huron store moved to Jan. 2

PORT HURON (AP) -- An Oregon woman who left her mother's body behind a thrift store near Port Huron won't get her sentence for manslaughter until after the holidays.

Kelly Rhodes had been charged with murder but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge last month. Authorities believe the death of 89-year-old Mary Grenia of Salem, Ore., in March was partly due to neglect.

Grenia died inside a truck after she and Rhodes were turned away from entering Canada on the Blue Water Bridge. An autopsy revealed heart and lung disease but no sign of trauma.

A sentence for the 49-year-old Rhodes was changed to Jan. 2 from Monday in St. Clair County court. Her attorney has said Rhodes and Grenia were trying to relocate to Canada when they were turned away.

Published: Thu, Dec 26, 2013