Same sentence in death of Detroit firefighter

DETROIT (AP) -- A judge again sentenced a convicted arsonist to at least 41 years in prison for a fire that killed a Detroit firefighter in 2008.

The case was sent back to a Wayne County judge by the Michigan appeals court, which said he didn't fully explain why Mario Willis should get a sentence that exceeded the guidelines.

Judge Michael Callahan says the death of Walt Harris was foreseeable because the house had been severely damaged by a prior fire. The roof collapsed on Harris.

Willis was accused of paying a handyman $20 to burn down the abandoned two-story house, which belonged to his girlfriend. In 2010, Willis was convicted of arson and second-degree murder.

Harris' widow, Syri Harris, said having to return to court last Friday was a "slap in the face."

Published: Tue, Jan 28, 2014