Health Division ensures restaurants take safetyprecautions after flooding

In response to recent widespread flooding in Southeastern Michigan, Oakland County Health Division, under the leadership of L. Brooks Patterson, immediately took steps to assure food safety at restaurants in affected areas of the county.

The Health Division's restaurant response includes:

-Deploying a team of public health sanitarians to visit food service establishments in order to assess needs and provide technical assistance about food protection protocols.

-Ensuring use of emergency action plans as necessary. Emergency action plans are required by the State of Michigan so certified food service managers of licensed establishments respond appropriately to emergency events such as flooding, power outages and water service disruption.

-Responding to all concerns and reports related to food safety by restaurant employees and the public.

"While flooding is a major concern when ensuring safety of food service establishments, so far we have not observed any public health concerns regarding restaurants and other food operations even in the hardest hit areas of Oakland County," said Kathy Forzley, manager/health officer of the Health Division. "We are finding food services are diligently following their emergency action plans as required.

"In order to protect consumers of Oakland County restaurants, our goal is to make sure establishments in the flooded areas are safe, well informed and are connected to the resources and recovery assistance they need," Forzley said.

Oakland County Health Division is available to answer questions of those affected by flooding:

- Environmental Health Services: 248-424-7190 (questions regarding food service establishments); 248-858-1312 (questions regarding onsite well and septic).

- Nurse on Call: 800-848-3355 (all other questions and concerns).

Find more information by visiting or find Public Health Oakland on Facebook and Twitter @publichealthOC. Stay tuned to local news for further information.

Published: Fri, Aug 15, 2014