Capitol dome overhaul part of $6.4M project

LANSING (AP) - Michigan's Capitol dome in Lansing is getting an overhaul as part of a $6.4 million project.

The Detroit News reports the dome will be covered in scaffolding until the fall as crews conduct restoration work.

As part of the project, the dome's decorative elements will be replaced and repaired. The sandstone walls will be cleaned and repaired. Capitol Facilities Director Dan Brocklehurst says the dome and more than 200 windows are slated to be repainted.

Brocklehurst says most of the exterior stonework hasn't been refurbished since the building was constructed in 1879. Three-dimensional images of medallions surrounding the Capitol have been taken to recreate those that are past the point of renovation.

The west entrance will be closed from mid-May to the end of June.

Published: Mon, Apr 20, 2015