Looking at impact of marriage ruling on employment law


– Photo by John Meiu

Miller Canfield presented a Cappucino with Counsel program taking a look at “Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, What It Means for Your Company” on Tuesday, August 11, at Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills. Taking part in the program were (seated, left to right) Miller Canfield’s James Boufides and Ken Sachs, along with (standing, left to right) Brian Marsh, Jennifer Hawkins, Holly Swanson, Natalia Gentry, Marlen Fischer, Karen Gates, and Laurie Brewis. “The presentation this morning is about the employment law implications of the recent same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court,” Boufides said. “We’re going to talk a little bit about the case and what the Supreme Court held and why the Supreme Court held that way. We’re also going to talk about, and possibly speculate about, its implications for employment law including family medical leave for same-sex couples, discrimination, lawsuits on the basis of sexual orientation and/or being in a same-sex marriage, as well as employee benefits for same-sex couples and what is required now and what isn’t required.”