Pro bono efforts recognized by federal court


– Photo by John Meiu

On Thursday, Nov. 12, the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, hosted a Pro Bono Recognition Ceremony led by U.S. District Judge Denise Page Hood (center) at the Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse in Detroit. Also taking part in the ceremony were (left to right) U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman, Joel Bryant, Jihan Mae Raisa Williams, U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith, Alexander Simpson, U.S. District Judge Sean Cox, Daniel Quick, U.S. District Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Stafford, Dan Manville, U.S. District Judge Terrence Berg, U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow, Federal Bar Association President Kimberly Altman, U.S. District Judge David Lawson, U.S. District Chief Judge Gerald E. Rosen, U.S. District Judge Marianne Battani, and U.S. District Magistrate Judge Anthony Patti.



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