Governor Snyder signs bill to allow for faster completion of township road projects

Local townships will now have the option to borrow money from their county to assist in funding road construction projects under legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“This legislation is another step toward ensuring safer and more modern infrastructure across the state,” Snyder said. “Better roads are essential to maintaining Michigan’s economic growth. The sooner we responsibly complete road projects the better our state will be for Michiganders and visitors alike.”

Senate Bill 729, sponsored by state Sen. Wayne Schmidt, allows townships to borrow funds from the county to expedite road projects and keep construction costs down. The borrowing will help townships fund projects prior to millage renewals. The bill also allows for matching of funds to complete joint projects between a township and a county. It is now Public Act 77 of 2016.
Snyder also signed seven additional bills:

SB 171, sponsored by state Sen. Steven Bieda, simplifies the filing process for the owners of facilities which provide housing to the disabled or elderly to receive an existing property tax emption by requiring approval of an exemption by December 31 of the calendar year in which it was filed. It is now PA 78.

SB 366, sponsored by state Sen. Curtis Hertel, prevents non-governmental organizations and individuals from charging unnecessary fees for copies of deeds being requested from property owners. It is now PA 79.

SB 502, sponsored by state Sen. Jim Marleau, allows patients to receive a rebate or discount from a drug manufacturer should their prescribed medication require observation  to monitor potential side effects following first-time use of the drug. It is now PA 80.

SB 667, sponsored by state Sen. Jim Stamas, creates additional branding and promotional opportunities for alcohol manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers by allowing distribution of suction cups, cooler door attachments and tear pad holders. It is now PA 81.

SB 582 & 583, sponsored by state Sen. Jack Brandenburg, provides financially distressed counties two more secure and less costly pathways for collecting property tax debt. They are now PAs 82 and 83.

House Bill 4895, sponsored by state Rep. Aric Nesbitt, allows a specially designated merchant (SDM) to operate fuel pumps on or adjacent to the licensed premises to reduce the minimum distance between a fuel pump and the point of sale of alcohol from 50 feet to five feet. The bill also creates a Secondary Location Permit so that retailers can sell beer and wine under an extension of their primary license with certain conditions. It is now PA 84.

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