Board takes action to fix local roads across Oakland County

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners has unanimously passed a series of resolutions approving local road funding for communities throughout Oakland County. The resolutions will fund projects under the county's Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP). In 2017, Oakland County will be providing $960,870 in matching funds to 29 local municipalities to assist with the completion of road repair and improvement projects totaling an overall $11.4 million investment in local road infrastructure. Twenty-four (24) municipalities plan to undertake projects within this year while nine (9) have requested to roll over their funds to complete projects in the future. The Board of Commissioners launched this program on a pilot basis in 2016 to provide additional assistance to cities and villages to meet their immediate needs for local road repair and maintenance.

"The long-term lack of investment from the state and federal governments in local road infrastructure has taken a heavy toll on our roadways," stated Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell. "Poor conditions on our roads create an impediment to the economic development of our region and diminish the excellent quality of life our residents expect. Oakland County is demonstrating leadership and innovation by making a $1 million investment in immediate road repairs equal to approximately $11 million in total road projects. These are the kind of results Oakland County residents have come to expect from Oakland County's leadership team, from our County Executive, L. Brooks Patterson, and from the ongoing bi-partisan efforts of the members of the Board of Commissioners."

"Everywhere we go, someone is talking about the need to fix our streets. So we responded by helping cities pay to fix their local roads. Making investments in our cities and our community infrastructure is long overdue, and this project is a demonstration when you make it a priority you can make good things happen. Every city across the county is benefiting, and as a result, many of our local roads will be better and safer," stated Commissioner Dave Woodward.

The county LRIP provides financial assistance to Oakland County cities and villages for repairs and improvements on roadways under their jurisdiction. Local municipalities must match funding from Oakland County. The Board of Commissioners allocated up to $1 million in matching funds for the program this year and communities received a share of these funds based upon a formula consisting of road miles, population and crash data. The program supplements the long-standing Tri-Party Road Improvement Program, which provides a 1/3 share in matching funds for repairs on local roadways under the control of the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC).

Published: Mon, May 29, 2017