Judge says state of Michigan contracts are 'done politically'

MASON, Mich. (AP) - A judge isn't impressed with how the state of Michigan awards big contracts.

Ingham County Judge William Collette says, "What is the point of a bid process where everything is done politically?" He made his remark in court last week during a dispute over a $650 million contract to manage dental benefits for Medicaid recipients.

MCNA Insurance is suing the state, claiming Gov. Rick Snyder's administration improperly allowed Blue Cross Blue Shield to alter a bid and improve its score. The state denies wrongdoing and says it has the right to negotiate with a bidder.

Collette has ordered the state to make someone available to explain the bid process. The state is appealing the order, saying the judge is exceeding his powers in an agency decision.

Published: Thu, Mar 08, 2018