Attorney leads discussion with students on 'What to Do When Stopped by the Police'


McCoy & Associates PLLC, the Michigan Children's Law Center, and the Jack & Jill Detroit Chapter co-sponsored a program on "What To Do When Stopped by the Police" on Friday, May 4, at Cody High School in Detroit.

The event was moderated by the creator of the program, attorney Robyn L. McCoy, and included panelists: State Senator Ian Conyers, Retired Detroit Police Lieutenant Roosevelt Lawrence, Detroit Police Sergeant Shaun Dunning, criminal defense attorney Todd Perkins, criminal defense attorney Janecki Nance, and Daquaan Harrison, a member of the Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice.

"These programs enable law enforcement officials, politicians, prosecutors and defense attorneys to interact and have a dialogue with the youth and people in the community at large about what is and is not the proper way to engage with the police, while protecting lives and safeguarding everyone's rights," said McCoy.

Published: Thu, Jul 26, 2018