Judge Warren discusses sovereignty with debate campers


Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren (far left) at the Middle School Summer Debate Camp at Birmingham Covington School.
– Photo courtesy of Oakland County Circuit Court

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren recently addressed a Middle School Summer Debate Camp at Birmingham Covington School. The approximately 25 youngsters in attendance were preparing to debate this upcoming year’s topic: “Resolved: The United States should accede to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea without reservations.”

During the presentation, Warren quoted the Declaration of Independence and reviewed various middle school books to explain the concept of sovereignty in the republic, and the revolutionary change of America vesting sovereignty in the people as opposed to kings or other ruling classes.

“Before the American Revolution, the King was sovereign – the people had no rights, only privileges; there were no citizens, only subjects,” Warren commented. “After 1776, we flipped that upside down – the people are sovereign and delegate authority to our representatives to make, enforce, and adjudicate the law.” He then explained how international treaties cede some portion of sovereignty to other countries or international organizations.

Warren’s appearance at the debate camp was a prelude to a Patriot Week Forensics Competition at the Oakland County Circuit Court, which will use a derivation of the debate topic. Started by Warren and his then 10 year old daughter, Patriot Week is held from September 11th to September 17th every year. The two anchor dates represent historical events that have had a monumental impact on America – the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Constitution Day (the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution).

To learn more about the week, visit PatriotWeek.org, and for more about the people as sovereign in Warren’s book “America’s Survival Guide,” visit