The new American Bar Association book, "The Best Lawyer You Can Be: A Guide to Physical Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness," is a comprehensive toolkit for lawyers that addresses the stress and emotional challenges that often come with a career in the law.

It's no secret that law is a profession with a particularly high incidence of stress, divorce, substance abuse and suicide. In this groundbreaking multi-dimensional collection, you can find tools and information that enable you to have both a successful career and a happy, satisfied life. These tools will teach you how to harness the transformative power of being more relational and less transactional.

Happy lawyers have emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness. "The Best Lawyer You Can Be" provides step-by-step behavioral guidance from recognized experts to what is essential for maintaining physical and emotional health and stability in the competitive environment of lawyering.

The book is edited by Stewart Levine, an attorney, mediator, management consultant, and coach. He creates resolution and agreement in the most challenging circumstances and has written and spoken extensively for more than 35 years. He is the author of the best-seller "Getting to Resolution: Turning Conflict into Collaboration."

"The Best Lawyer You Can Be: A Guide to Physical Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness" costs $39.95 and can be ordered by calling 800-285-2221 or online at

Published: Wed, Nov 14, 2018


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