Fully Invested


In attendance at the Jan. 10 investiture ceremony for Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Susan L. Hubbard are Wayne County Circuit Court judges (front, l-r) Hon. Amy Hathaway, Hon. Eric Cholack, Hon. Margie Braxton, Hon. Susan L. Hubbard, Chief Judge Hon. Virgil Smith, Jr., Hon. Maria Oxholm, Hon. Patricia Fresard, Hon. Kathleen McCarthy; (back) Hon. Megan Brennan, Hon. David Groner, Hon. Edward Ewell, Hon. Gershwin Drain, Hon. Daniel Hathaway, Hon. Craig Strong, Hon. Lita Popke, Hon. Connie Kelley, Hon. Muriel Hughes.  Also participating at the ceremony but not photographed were Wayne County Circuit Court judges Hon. John Gillis, Jr., Hon. Frank Szymanski, Hon. Lynne Pierce, Hon. Arthur Lombard, Hon. Robert Colombo, Jr., Hon. Kevin Robbins and Dearborn District Court Judge William Hultgren. Judge Hubbard has been assigned to the Family Division - Domestic Section.


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