For Our Children Event offers answers about custody, child support, more

By Jo Mathis

Legal News

About 300 people are expected to attend a Wayne County Friend of the Court event for anyone who is paying or receiving child support.

"For Our Children," will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8 at the Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Ave.

On hand to provide information and answers the public's questions about the custody, parenting time, and child support will be community representatives and leaders, the Friend of the Court and staff; attorney Amy Roemer of the William Booth Legal Aid Clinic; and the Wayne County Family Division Domestic Relations Presiding Judge Maria L. Oxholm.

Valuable information will be provided on modifying support, resolving bench warrants, and getting legal assistance, Oxholm noted.

"Families who are directly affected by Friend of the Court will be able to get an overview of the Friend of the Court and what the FOC is able to provide under various laws and statutes," she said.

The Wayne County Friend of the Court For Our Children consortium was established in 2006 to ensure that the Friend of the Court has a positive presence in the community.

The consortium is compromised of community leaders and representatives who service families who may have to utilize the Wayne County family court system. The consortium works to provide information to the families so they have an understanding of court processes and their rights and responsibilities.

The key focus points have been encouraging parents to appear at hearings to ensure they have parenting time established, to ensure they have realistic child support obligations, and to help avoid bench warrants and arrests.

As the consortium ongoing goal is to empower parents through education and service, William Booth Legal Services offers ongoing free legal assistance at the Coleman A. Young Center the second Tuesday of each month from noon until 2pm.

For more information about the October 8th event, please contact the Detroit Public Library at (313) 313-481-1391.

For more information about William Booth Legal Services at the Coleman A. Young Center, call (313) 224-5249. General Friend of the Court information is available at (313) 224-5300 or on the web at

Published: Wed, Oct 5, 2011


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