Military group supports legislation

The Military Spouses of Michigan announced today their support for HR 5994-96, a series of bills that will make it easier for military spouses moving to Michigan to find jobs.
The proposed legislation follows months of advocacy from Board member Elizabeth Snell, a former national finalist for Military Spouse of the Year.  Snell has met with several leaders of trade and employment associations over the past year to seek their support for her proposal, and lauded Rep Shirkey’s decision to propose her legislation.

“I commend Rep Shirkey and other leaders for stepping forward to embrace our proposal for Michigan to lend a helping hand to military spouses who move to our state,” said Snell in her announcement of the organization’s support for the legislation.

“Military spouses are ten times more likely to move, due to their service member’s orders, than their civilian counterparts,” Snell noted.  “This legislation would send a welcoming message to our state’s military families, and help spouses hit the ground running and contribute to our state’s economy immediately upon their arrival.”
Nearly 26 percent of our nation’s military spouses are unemployed and actively seeking employment, and 35 percent ofmilitary spouses have careers that require professional licenses or certification. Frequent moves due to military orders put military spouses at a disadvantage in the continuum of their careers, often leaving military spouse with feelings of helplessness and frustration.

Enacting this proposal would join Michigan with several other states — including Colorado, Arizona, Texas and Florida — who recently enacted similar laws to ease the transfer of licenses and certifications from one state to another for military spouses as they move to support their service member.

Military Spouses of Michigan is a network of military spouses, partners and family members that provides services and support to military spouses and partners in Michigan so that they are comforted by one simple promise: You are not alone. For more information visit


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