Attorney announces congressional bid for 11th District

On Wednesday, Oakland County businessman Dave Trott announced his candidacy for Michigan’s 11th Congressional district. In a message to residents, Trott cited his record of job creation, problem solving ability, and commitment to conservative values as his motivation to serve the constituents of MI-11.

“As a job-creator, I will work every day to create an environment where our economy can grow,” wrote Trott. “I am committed to cutting spending, lowering taxes and promoting the free enterprise system that made our country great. Washington is not working and needs a leader with the common sense and courage to tell the truth. Someone who will spend time helping the constituents of the 11th district, as opposed to someone who is only concentrated on getting reelected, that is why I am announcing my campaign for Congress.”

Trott announced the support of several key activists in the district as his campaign co-chairs including former State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, Wayne County Commissioner Laura Cox, former Congressional candidate Rocky Raczkowski, and Ronna Romney McDaniel.

Bishop stated: “Our great country has a serious leadership deficit and we can no longer ignore the challenges before us. Now more than ever, our country needs strong elected leaders, with a proven track record of integrity and effectiveness.  Dave Trott is that leader.  His no-nonsense style, coupled with his years as an innovative business owner and job creator make him uniquely qualified to be our conservative voice in Washington.”

Cox stated: “Dave Trott is a job creator who knows how to help our district. We need his experience representing us in Washington. I fully endorse his bid because of his steadfast commitment to hard work, fiscal responsibility, and integrity.”

Raczkowski stated: “I can think of no one better prepared to represent all of us in the 11th congressional district. Dave is not one to say one thing and do another just to get elected. What you see with Dave is what you get. Our district doesn’t need another person that will do what Washington insiders want them to do.  We need a person that works for us. That is why I am proud to support Dave Trott, a person who has the high standards and will work for us!” 

Romney McDaniel stated: “Dave Trott is a true conservative that won’t say one thing and then do another. Dave’s reputation of being a man of uncompromising integrity with deeply held conservative values is what we need in Washington now more than ever.”

The Trott campaign indicated additional endorsements would be announced in the coming weeks.

“I am honored and humbled by the co-chairs encouragement and by the outpouring of support we have received this morning,” said Trott. “The phones have been ringing off the hook from activists all over the district with varying opinions on how we get Washington out of the way to get our country back on track - I am eager to hear from every voter and encourage them to connect with our team on how they can get involved.”

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