Cooley's Tampa Bay campus receives SERF certification for environmental stewardship

 Thomas M. Cooley Law School opened its Tampa Bay campus in 2012.

Thomas M. Cooley Law School continues its commitment to environmental responsibility with certification of its Tampa Bay campus by the Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities (SERF). 

“Cooley’s Tampa Bay campus is yet another fine example of Cooley Law School’s dedication to environmental accountability,” said RJ Brennan, Cooley Law School director of construction and renovation. “Our goal for each facility is to maximize effectiveness while minimizing the building’s energy costs.”

The facility includes materials from local suppliers, movable shelving for greater storage space and flexibility, highly efficient restrooms with low-flow toilets, and automatic sinks throughout the campus. Rainwater is collected in a retention pond that allows for green areas surrounding the facility. The building’s most recent green upgrade is a white roof membrane which reflects up to 80 percent of sunlight and reduces heat absorbed into classrooms. 

“Cooley’s Tampa Bay campus is a stunning example of practical environmental stewardship,” said Joe Maguire, SERF president.  “Cooley Law School campuses have an impressive legacy of sustainability.” 

Cooley has demonstrated its dedication to energy conservation through its other SERF certified spaces in Michigan. The campuses in Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, and Grand Rapids are all certified. In Lansing, the Thomas E. Brennan Law Library, the Cooley Temple Conference Center, and Cooley’s Center for Research and Study have received high marks for environmental responsibility.  


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