Healthy Debate

Wayne State Law School presented “Originalism v. Living Constitutionalism: The Debate” on Thursday, March 27. It featured Professor Lee J. Strang of the University of Toledo Law School offering the Originalist view and Wayne Law’s own Professor Robert A. Sedler with the Living Constitution viewpoint. Both are acknowledged experts on constitutional issues. “Originalism, from the 10,000 foot level, is the idea that the publicly understood meaning of the Constitution’s text, when it was ratified, is its authoritative meaning,” Strang told the audience. Sedler argued that our understanding and interpretation of the Constitution must evolve as time passes, saying that, for example, “The ‘value’ that is constitutionalized in the text of the 14th Amendment is the value of equality. The meaning of equality changes with the time and the meaning of ‘equal protection’ changes with it.”
 Photo by Steve Thorpe


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