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 The American Bar Association Section of Criminal Justice recently released “The State of Criminal Justice 2014,” which each year examines major issues, trends and significant changes in the U.S. criminal justice system.

“The State of Criminal Justice 2014 is a must-read for all criminal justice professionals. It reviews the most cutting edge and current legal issues within our system,” said Mathias H. Heck, Jr., chair of the ABA Criminal Justice Section and the prosecuting attorney for Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. “As the unified voice of criminal justice, the ABA Criminal Justice Section brought together top experts to facilitate dialogue, inform policy and educate the public in this ever-evolving field.”

This year’s volume is a collection of 21 chapters written by some of the country’s most recognized criminal justice experts and lawyers, who are available to media outlets seeking sources. Experts and their articles include:

• “White Collar Crime,” by Raymond Banoun, Bradley J. Bondi, A. Joseph Jay III, Erin F. Lewis, Douglas H. Fischer, Karen E. Woody, Sharon A. Rose and Samantha A. Dreilinger

• “The State of Cybercrime,” by Andrew Levchuk

• “E-discovery in Government Investigations and Criminal Litigation,” by Justin P. Murphy and Louisa K. Marion

• “Indigent Defense,” by Tori Jo Wible

• “Developments in the Prosecution and Defense of Domestic Violence Cases,” by Matthew J. D’Emic

• “Juvenile Justice,” by John D. “Jay” Elliot

• “Racial Justice,” by Salma Saley Safiedine and Inga James

• “Major Momentum on Mandatory Minimums,” by Sean Hecker and David Gopstein

• “Capital Punishment,” by Ronald J. Tabak

• “Execution of the Severely Mentally Ill,” by Morgan Raye Sigman, Michael S. Waddington and William L. Summers

“The State of Criminal Justice,” provides information about current developments in the criminal justice field, with summaries of all of the policies adopted by the ABA House of Delegates during 2013-2014 that address criminal justice issues. It is published annually and serves as an invaluable resource for policymakers, academics and students of the criminal justice system alike.
This edition marks the return of an annual review of the criminal-justice system and is available to purchase through the ABA Web store at:


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