Foley and Mansfield launches responsive website

The national law firm of Foley & Mansfield has launched a new mobile-friendly responsive web site design at As more clients access websites from their phones and mobile devices, the firm designed a site to provide fast access to relevant information across all platforms. Within the re-designed site, content is optimized for viewing on any device or screen size, allowing users to easily access relevant information or contact their attorney, regardless of their location or device. In addition, the site features a robust search function to allow users quick access to the information they seek.

"Our previous site was outdated, unwieldy, and difficult to manage," says Liz Hersey, Foley & Mansfield's Director of Marketing. "The newly-launched was designed foremost with usability in mind, reinforcing our brand as a responsive, technology-driven legal service provider."

Published: Fri, May 01, 2015


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