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Elizabeth Janovic, a graduate of the Michigan State University College of Law, is an attorney with Wilson P. Tanner III, PLC in Ann Arbor, focusing on family law, mediation, criminal defense, and copyright infringement defense.

Before joining Wilson P. Tanner III, PLC, Janovic worked as an associate attorney at Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan LLP in New York City where her practice focused primarily on medical malpractice defense litigation, as an in-house legal consultant for Knovel - a New York based Internet company, and as assistant general counsel at Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A.

During law school, she served as an executive board member on the MSU College of Law Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, and as president of the Student Bar Association. She completed SCAO approved mediation training, and interned for U.S. Senator Carl Levin and the Resolution Services Center.

Prior to law school, Janovic served in the U.S. Army 428th Military Police Company and as a cadet in the University of Notre Dame Army ROTC. She received her bachelor's in business and a certification in secondary education from Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana.

Residence: Ann Arbor.

Most treasured possession: It is all just stuff.

Advice for law school: Go to law school if you want to practice law, not because you think you cannot make money doing something else you truly enjoy. Do not be afraid to do what you love.

Childhood memory: There are so many to choose from because my parents and family are absolutely wonderful. The top ten are: driving to the Dakotas with my parents and hanging out at the motorcycle rally in Sturgis; going to the arcade with my mom with $50 worth of tokens (and she never had "spare" cash); catching two fish at a time from the pier in Michigan City; going to work with my dad and eating White Castle burgers in the park on our lunch break; taking a sick day to play with my cousins, playing in the pool with Uncle John; going to three movies in a day with Auntie Dianna; hesitantly making mud pies with my other Uncle John; climbing onto the roof with Ellie to stargaze; listening to Auntie Connie tell spooky stories as we drove up their driveway.

Favorite year: 2013, when I met my lovely wife, Carol, and 2014 when we married.

Ideal guest list: Our combined families - parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, my law partner Bill Tanner, astrologer to the stars Lynda Ray, all of the wonderful people in my life who light up the room (you know who you are). And Elton John.

Who I'd trade places with for a day: Michael Jordan on June 12, 1991.

Earn your first dollar: Land surveying with my dad.

What do you drive?: A Zipcar, bike, or our shared family Chrysler.

If money were no object: A Zipcar, bike, or our shared family Chrysler.

Favorite place to spend money: The Peaceable Kingdom.

Motto: "Building a better America!" (Borrowed from my dad.)

Favorite local hangouts: Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, Zingerman's, and Pinball Pete's.

One thing you would like to learn to do: Play guitar.

What do you do to relax: Swim, take a walk, or play coin push games or Skee-Ball at the arcade.

Something most people don't know about you: I was a platoon leader in my Army Reserve unit.

Published: Tue, Oct 27, 2015


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