Wayne Law student serves as chancellor of Moot Court

By Sheila Pursglove

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The summer before his senior high school year, Ian Edwards interned for his then-state representative, Andy Meisner, in a campaign for Oakland County treasurer. The experience led Edwards to earn an undergrad degree in political science and government from Kalamazoo College.

"I loved the campaign, and everyone I met-and I was already hoping to go to law school-so majoring political science seemed like a natural fit," he says. "I was interested and active in politics all through undergrad, so going to law school seemed like the perfect choice."

After college and before heading to Wayne Law School, Edwards served as campaign manager in Democrat Robert Wittenberg's successful run for state representative in the 27th District.

"Campaigning is a lot more work than law school, so it made 1L year feel pretty manageable," Edwards says. "Also, Robert is an amazing guy, and an awesome state representative it was super fun getting to work so closely together. While I don't work for any candidates at the moment, I still volunteer on local campaigns pretty regularly."

The rising 3L at Wayne Law School may even consider a run at politics himself one day, and also sees himself in a black robe on a bench. But for the foreseeable future, his goal is to be a successful litigator. He is currently enjoying his work as a summer associate at Dykema in Bloomfield Hills.

"I absolutely love it it's really cool going to work every day with attorneys who have accomplished, and continue to accomplish, so much in Michigan, and nationally, he says.

Last summer, he enjoyed litigation work at the small firm of Mantese Honigman in Troy.

"I was able to get a lot of interesting, hands-on experience that affirmed that I want to go into litigation," he says.

Wayne Law, with its convenient location in midtown Detroit, has been a good choice.

"It's amazing to be in the city while all the positive change is happening," he says. "The faculty is amazing, too. I was used to small class sizes at Kalamazoo College and professors who really loved teaching, and cared about their students. And, I'm happy to say, the professors at Wayne Law have been every bit as great about getting to know me and my classmates."

As chancellor of the Wayne Law Moot Court, Edwards works with the Moot Court board as an intermediary between students and faculty.

"I get to work closely with faculty, which gives me a slightly different perspective on the program, but I still am able to get to know the student participants pretty well," he says.

He also has been active on the Wayne Law Review.

"It was a lot of work, but incredibly rewarding, and I use the skills I learned on Law Review every day at work," he says.

A native of Pleasant Ridge in Oakland County, Edwards now makes his home in Detroit.

"I like how many people actively want to be here, and advocate strongly for the region especially in downtown and midtown Detroit," he says. "Any of my peers who wanted to leave Detroit did, so the fact that those who live in downtown and midtown made an active choice to do so makes for a really positive, fun and energetic atmosphere."

An avid squash player, he also enjoys the daily challenge of The New York Times crossword puzzle, and tries to read a non-law book a week. And he has great memories of a six-month exchange stint at the University of Nairobi during his undergrad junior year.

"It's hard to choose one highlight, because the day-to-day of living in Nairobi was a constant adventure, he says. "That said, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro while I was living in East Africa, and that's easily one of the most amazing things I've ever done."

Published: Fri, Jul 22, 2016


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