WMU-Cooley offers students 'Strategies, Secrets, and Tips' for passing bar exam

On Wednesday, Nov. 2, members of WMU-Cooley Law School's Auburn Hills campus Student Bar Association and Ebadi House hosted "Strategies, Secrets, and Tips on How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam." More than 50 students attended the event, which featured Ashley Heidemann, founder of a full service bar review program, LSAT, MPRE, law school and bar tutoring services, JD Advising, LLC. During the discussion, students ranging from 1L to graduates honed their skills in preparation for both law school and bar exams.

Heidemann, is also the author of How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam, which focuses on how to study for the bar exam, essay tips, topics that are heavily tested, mistakes to avoid, and what a 1L or 2L student can do now to prepare.

"You only need four things to do well on the bar exam," said Heidemann. "Acquire good materials, understand the materials, memorize the materials, and apply your knowledge."

Heidemann founded The Heidemann Law Firm, which wrote more passing bar exam appeals than any firm in the state last year.

Published: Wed, Nov 09, 2016