Opiate Awareness

Members of Delta Theta Phi at WMU-Cooley Law School's Lansing campus hosted an opiate epidemic conference to raise awareness of the prescription opiate drug abuse epidemic. The featured speaker was Phil Pavona, vice president of the Ingham County Chapter of Families Against Narcotics (FAN).

Pavona discussed his experience in losing his son to an overdose in 2011 and the legal experience he encountered in the court and health care systems.

"Raising a family in Mid-Michigan, I never thought to talk to my children about prescription drugs," said Pavona. "But now, instead of thinking my son's death was senseless, it has brought meaning to me and my family to raise awareness about this problem."

FAN was founded in 2007 and has the goal to encompass change in the perception and treatment of addiction and to be an advocate for change throughout society. Through sharing real stories and factual data, FAN aims to reduce the stigma attached to addiction and create an open forum for families and professionals to receive valuable insight.

Published: Wed, Nov 09, 2016


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