Essentials for New Lawyers


The State Bar of Michigan’s Young Lawyers Section hosted “So You Have Your P Number, Now What?: Practice Essentials for New Lawyers” on Saturday, July 22, at The Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel. Among those taking part in the program were (l-r) Choi Portis, Brande Smith, Kristina Bilowus, Jerome Crawford, Shenique Moss, Mark Jane, Angela Baldwin, Katherine Bennett, and Colemon Potts. This half-day training seminar was designed especially for new lawyers and featured such topics as: The Judicial Perspective on Motion Practice and Courtroom Etiquette; Practice Tips from Experienced Lawyers; Building and Financing the Modern Solo Practice; Free and Low Cost Practice Resources; Tips on Avoiding Grievances and Malpractice; Work-Life Balance and Stress Management; Managing Your Law School Debt and Money in General; Using Social Media in Your Job Search and in Your Career; A to Z of Starting a Case; Clients 101; and Launching Your Career with Assistance from the State Bar of Michigan. The seminar also featured resume and cover letter review along with offering free professional headshots.

Photo by John Meiu