Tieber wins SBM award for work in reversing Tomasik convictions

On Sept. 28, well-known appellate attorney F. Martin “Marty” Tieber was honored by the State Bar of Michigan for his critical role in reversing the convictions of Dennis Tomasik. In 2007, Tomasik was convicted of two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first-degree after being falsely accused by a troubled teenager. Tomasik spent 9 years in prison while appellate attorneys Marty Tieber and Kris Tieber fought for his release. That victory finally came in 2016 when the Michigan Supreme Court reversed Tomasik’s convictions.

Tomasik was then retried in February 2017, and the jury acquitted Tomasik of the charges in a mere 19 minutes after taking only one vote and finding him “not guilty.”

Marty Tieber was nominated for the State Bar of Michigan award by Mary Chartier, who, along with attorney Takura Nyamfukudza, handled the retrial of Tomasik. Chartier wrote that Tieber’s work resulted in an innocent man being released from prison, clearing his name, and getting his life back. There could have been no exoneration without the tireless work of the Tiebers.

The Tiebers, along with Chartier and Nyamfukudza, are working together again for Tomasik. They filed a civil complaint seeking compensation under the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act for the 9 years that Tomasik spent wrongfully imprisoned.
Tomasik is now listed on the National Registry of Exonerations.