Who wants what: Where to donate 'stuff' after you've cleared the clutter


Whether you are downsizing into a new home or just doing a little decluttering, part of the process is deciding what items to keep and what to toss.

Before you simply throw unwanted belongings to the curb for pick up, consider donating extra “stuff” to a local charity.  Donating will help others in need and keep your discarded items out of a landfill, which is a win-win for your home, your heart and the environment.

Deciding where to donate after you’ve cleared the clutter doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this article we provide several different options of where you can send your donations.

Where to Donate Small Electronics
Cellphones for Soldiers

P: 678-580-1976 | W: cellphonesforsoldiers.com
Furniture Bank of SE Michigan 
P: 248-332-1300 | W: furniture-bank.org
E: friends@furniture-bank.org

Contact your local library or school to check whether or not they currently accept donations.
Or donate paperback books to troops, veterans, and military families through Operation Paperback
W: operationpaperback.org
P: (641) 715-3900. When prompted, enter Extension 137267, followed by #

Sporting Goods and Equipment
Check with your local community recreation center or YMCA as they likely will accept gently used sporting goods and equipment.

All charities will accept new or gently used clothing. If you have clothing with tears or extra wear, American Eagle, H&M and other select retailers will often accept this clothing for recycling.

Blankets and Towels
Contact your local Humane Society or pet rescue shelters.

Animal Humane Society
W: animalhumanesociety.org/donate/donate-our-wish-list

Donate new or used shoes to Soles 4 Souls
P: 615-391-5723
W: soles4souls.org/get-involved/give-shoes/dropoff-locator

Children’s Books and Toys
Contact Second Chance Toys for select drop off locations.
W: secondchancetoys.org
Local Charities
Email twick@kw.com to request our list of non-profits that will pick up donations.

More Tips for Clearing the Clutter
Research Charities
If you are donating to a charity, research the organization to be sure it aligns with your personal values.

Just because outdated furniture pieces don’t match your decor doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in your heart. Older furniture that you and your family shared for years can be revived with a fresh coat of paint or new upholstery.

Make Sure Items are Suitable for Donation

Typically donations should be new or gently used. Avoid donating dirty or broken items.

Protect Your Personal Data

Delete data from cell phones before donating. Remove the SIM card or restore the device to the original factory settings.

Give to Local Churches

Check with churches in your area to find out what’s on their wishlist. They are usually accepting items such as clothing, furniture, children’s books and toys.
Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a free platform where you can sell items to a huge audience actively searching for used items.


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