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  • Attorney offers advice on workplace matters

    March 27, 2015

    Attorney Susan Koval has followed with interest the rumors suggesting former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, a 1976 gold medalist in the decathlon, is transitioning from a man to a woman. 

  • State Bar President aims to keep Michigan a 'leader' in delivery of legal services

    March 25, 2015

    Long before Tom Rombach was an attorney and president of the State Bar of Michigan (SBM) he was a pre-law student and a journalist with a sense of history, a bent for oratory, and a penchant for public service.

  • Banks sell no pizza

    March 27, 2015

    A reader sent me a recent article from the Detroit Legal News, one of the papers my column appears in. It was my “May It Please the Palate” masthead, complete with my smiling mug. Underneath was the headline “Banks and Pizza.”

  • IP attorney draws on science background

    March 25, 2015

    A local inventor sank millions into his brainchild of a laser-guided lawnmower – relieving endless hours of physical labor and envisioning that the machine could mow golf courses at night, and lawn services could own teams of the mowers to servic

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