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  • New Michigan Recycling Council has Kent County voice

    April 23, 2014

      Michigan is lagging behind the national average when it comes to household recycling. 

  • Harassment claims increase slightly in state as more lawsuits fail nationally

    April 18, 2014

     The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently released its 2013 report of harassment and discrimination in the workplace and found that Michigan had 2,604 harassment and discrimination charges in 2013, which is up 1 per cent from 2012,

  • Attorney is an expert in trademark prosecution

    April 23, 2014

     Trademark attorney Kimberly Berger doesn’t just play board games – she successfully assisted a board game creator and manufacturer in enforcing its trademarks and copyrights against a competitor, who essentially copied one of its best-sellin

  • U.S. and Canada antitrust agencies issue best practices for merger reviews

    April 18, 2014

     The Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Trade Com-mission (FTC), and the Competition Bureau Canada have issued a set of “best practices” to make more transparent how they coordinate merger reviews that affect the U.S. and Canada.

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