Past Michigan Bar Presidents--1988-89: Donald L. Reisig

By Michigan Lawyers Weekly

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DETROIT, MI--Donald L. Reisig was named president of the State Bar of Michigan after serving in a number of leadership positions, and continues as a legal leader to this day.

Reisig is a 1956 University of Michigan graduate with a B.A., earning his J.D. from U-M Law School in 1958.

He first worked as assistant prosecuting attorney and chief assistant prosecuting attorney for Ingham County before becoming Lansing prosecuting attorney in 1963.

It wasn't long before he returned as Ingham prosecuting attorney in 1965, then became Ingham circuit judge (30th Judicial Circuit), serving from 1968-76.

Reisig went into private practice, and was partner at Sinas Dramis Brake Boughton McIntyre and Reisig from 1976-93.

He also has served as chairman of the State Bar Representative Assembly (1978-79); director of the Michigan Drug Agencies (1989-90); liaison to the Ukraine for the ABA's Central and East European Law Initiative (1995-96 and 1999); and litigation director of Legal Aid of Central Michigan (1996-99).

From 1999-2007, he served as family court administrator and friend of the court, 30th Judicial Circuit, and is now retired -- emeritus status.

"To some, giving to the needy is called charity. To those of us who give because of our membership and faith in our great profession, it is called pro bono publico. I believe that the giving of our professional talent, not because we have to, but because it is the right thing to do, is the ultimate stewardship for a lawyer, and is a tradition which is alive and well within the hearts of Michigan lawyers."

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Published: Mon, Sep 12, 2011


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