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Gallagher selected for membership in National Association of Federal Equity Receivers

Byron P. (Pat) Gallagher, Jr., an attorney with the Gallagher Law Firm in East Lansing, has been selected for Associate Membership in the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers.

Associate Membership is limited to those appointed as equity receivers by state agencies and those who have served as primary counsel or forensic accountants to these receivers.  It is also for those in the legal and accountancy professions who are affiliated with a firm providing federal and/or state receivership services as a practice group.

The Association serves as a clearinghouse for providers of professional services, such as expert witness, forensic accountants, auction houses, document managers, appraisers, and property managers.

Members are expected to actively participate in advancing the goals of the association by servicing on committees, contributing information to the brief bank and website, and exchanging ideas with other members in order to best provide a forum for receivers to share solutions on legal and practical issues they face; develop a set of "best practices" and ethical standards for equity receivers; improve the quality, efficiency, and harmonization of receiver practices; create a repository of legal research and briefs on topics commonly faced by receivers; and instill confidence among federal agencies on the skills and expertise of NAFER members.

In further news, Byron Gallagher and the Gallagher Law Firm have been included in the Ninth Edition of the Best Law Firms, a publication of elite attorney rankings based on a rigorous evaluation process and published by U.S. News & World Report.


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